CS 40Y Chani Saw

CS 40Y

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  • CS 40Y Chani Saw


    Technical Specifications:

    Guide bar length 16 (400mm)
    Guide bar type  P016-50CR
    Voltage – 230v
    Power input – 2000 W
    No-load chain speed – 14.5m/s
    Type of chain – 91px-57 (Oregon)
    Chain Pitch – 9.53mm (3/8)
    Chain Gauge – 1.27 mm (0.05)
    Sprocket – number of teeth: 6 Oil pump
    Automatic Chain oil tank capacity – 150ml Overload protection  Electrical Chain brake  Manually actuated
    Weight (without cord)  5.4 kg
    Standard Accessories: 1x Guide Bar case 1x Guide Bar 1x Chain 1x Plug Chip