Specifications :

Rated power inp 550w

Power output : 280 W

Rated torque : 18 Nm

Impact energy : 0 – 2.2 J

Impact rate : 0 – 4400 bpm

Weight : 2.3 kg

Length : 342 mm

Width : 73 mm

Height : 210 mm

Rated speed : 0 – 1000 rpm

Drilling capacity Drilling perf. in concrete of medium hardness (8 mm diameter, S4) (vol.) : 34 cm³ /min

Drilling perf. in concrete of medium hardness (8 mm diameter, S4) (length): 68 cm /min

Drill diameter in concrete with SDS-plus flute drill bits : 4-22 mm

Max. drill diameter, concrete, with dust extraction drill bits and extraction accessories : 22 mm

Max. drill diameter, steel, (with drill chuck) : 13 mm

Max. drill diameter, wood, (with drill chuck) : 30 mm

Core cutters in masonry : 68 mm

Recommended drilling range : 4 – 12 mm

Functions :

Forward/reverse operation

Electronic Overload clutch

Standard accessories :

Auxiliary handle

Depth stop

Carrying case



The most compact and lightweight hammer in its class.

Drilling in concrete, stone, metal, wood and steel is easy with a Bosch hammer.

Bosch rotary hammers set standards in handiness and drilling speed.

Features :

Rotatable brush plate (equal power in forward and reverse rotation)

Impact stop for drilling in wood and steel

Softgrip for a secure hold Control Electronic: accelerator function for sensitive pilot drilling

Overload clutch Auxiliary handle with adjustable depth stop can be rotated 360° Toolholder SDS-plus